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In Care Survivors Service Scotland

The In Care Survivors Service Scotland, a partnership led by Open Secret, is a trauma informed counselling and advocacy support service for adults who suffered childhood abuse in care and their families.

Our remit has also been widened so that we can offer the same services to people who have experienced any form of abuse and been in the care system, but where the abuse did not necessarily take place in a formal care setting.

It is a team of specially trained counsellors offering help specifically for survivors of historic in-care abuse under the national framework of advocacy, and counselling services, and to survivors of abuse who have also been in care. Services include:

Providing locally based development workers across Scotland to offer survivors and their families support, advocacy and confidential counselling;

  • A national confidential telephone Helpline line - 0800 121 6027 -currently available from 9am to 11am Monday to Friday, for those of you who have not yet been allocated a worker or to make a new referral. 
  • A one stop service for help to access historical records from childhood care settings
  • An informative website highlighting the support available; and
  • Help for survivors to access the Criminal Injuries Compensation scheme and support to pursue some legal issues (for example support to attend court).

The measures form part of SurvivorScotland, the national strategy which aims to improve services supporting those who have suffered childhood sexual abuse.

Action Plan on Justice for Victims Print E-mail

The Scottish Human Rights Commission are pleased to present an Action Plan on Justice for Victims of Historic Abuse of Children in Care.

This document is the product of a year long process called an 'InterAction' in which those affected by historic child abuse (including survivors, institutions, government, residential care workers and others) came together to discuss how justice and remedies for survivors of historic abuse should be achieved.

Issues in Personal Injury Print E-mail

Civil Law of Damages: Issues in Personal Injury - A Consultation Paper

The Scottish Government has launched a consultation paper on Civil Law of Damages: Issues in Personal Injury.

The consultation seeks views on aspects of the Scottish Law Commission's proposals

National Confidential Forum Print E-mail

The provisions to establish a National Confidential Forum, as part of the Victims & Witnesses (Scotland) Bill, have been introduced to the Scottish Parliament.